This is Halloween…

This is Halloween, This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween…and that’s about as much as I celebrate Halloween. Instead, I wait until the day after when all the candy goes on sell.

In class, we had a “combo” day where we looked at problems of all sorts regarding factoring – GCF, a=1, and a>1. In a sense, it was like a review, but it wasn’t THE review. That will happen tomorrow. In the meantime, stay safe and dry if you still go trick or treating.

Notes: L7-6 Factoring Trinomials – Mixed
Assignment: (A7-6) Factoring Quadratic Expressions

Halloween Eve!

It’s the day before Halloween and we may be all thinking about what costume to wear, but I say we should all go as ourselves because then it is guaranteed that your costume will be unique!

On a more serious note, we had yet another day of looking at factoring equations with a>1. By the time the test comes on Friday, we should have plenty of practice and be ready to knock this test out of the park. This is because tomorrow we are doing even more practice factoring trinomials, then have a review on Thursday, and then a test Friday…tired of factoring yet?

Notes: L7-5 Factoring Trinomials with a greater than 1 – DAY 2
Assignment: (A7-5) Factoring Trinomials with a greater than 1

Three Weeks Until Thanksgiving Break!

Can you believe that we are only 3 weeks away from Thanksgiving break?! It will be here before we know it and with it comes a full week off from school to relax and/or travel. Until then, we must keep pushing forward.

Therefore, we looked at yet another new topic: Factoring with a>1. This is a little different than what we did at the end of last week, but that’s okay, because we can handle it thanks to a new song that I came up with call the “Factor Pokey”: You group the first two terms and the last two terms and factor all around. That’s what it’s all about!

Notes: L7-4 Factoring Trinomials with a greater than 1 – DAY 1
Assignment: (A7-4) factor ax^2 +bx+c & diff 2sq

It’s Panther Pack Friday!!

Yet again, Friday is upon us, friends! And once again, the Panthers undefeated-ness in district play will be put to the test against yet another undefeated team in the district. So, tonight could very well determine whether or not we come out as the District Champs! Good Luck, Pack!

As far as the class goes, we saw yet another day of factoring where a=1. This sometimes meant that we had to factor out a GCF first, but that’s no problem because we already did that on Wednesday, so we were ready to take on the problems today. In addition, the assignment and notes were together in the sense that we did 6 problems on the assignment together and then the other 20 were for the actual “assignment” portion of today.

Have a great weekend and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!

Notes: L7-3 Factoring Trinomials with a=1 – DAY 2
Assignment: (A7-3) Factoring Trinomials with a=1

Easy Peezy, Lemon Squeezy!

While factoring seems to have a negative connotation, I hope that today wasn’t too bad. I tried to make this as painless as possible to where you didn’t have to even put that much thought into it. We even got through the notes in almost record time across all classes. What could be better? Easy notes, easy assignment, no homework, life’s good! And guess what?! Tomorrow is more of the same!!!

Notes: L7-2 Factoring Trinomials with a=1 – DAY 1
Assignment: (A7-2)factor trinomials & diff 2 sq

We all have something in common…

Whether it is something great, or something small, we all have something in common. Speaking of common, that was our topic for today: Factoring with the Greatest Common Factor. In essence, it is pretty straight forward. You simply look for what every term has in common and divide out as much as you possibly can. That’s it! It’s Hump Day, so I’ll keep it fairly short…peace out!

Notes: L7-1 Factoring Greatest Common Factor
Assignment: (A7-1) factor GCF

Still Undefeated in District!!

We started the weekend off with a little excitement here at Abe Martin Stadium, where our Lufkin Panthers are still undefeated in district play for football. Additionally, Volleyball is headed into the playoffs and Cross Country is headed to STATE!! Exciting times in Panther Athletics! However, we must stayed focused on academics…

Therefore, we just kept rolling along in the Math Models curriculum, where we reviewed for the Unit 6 test over polynomials. We will take this test tomorrow and then start our next unit on Factoring. Make sure you look over the review and do well on this test because the next unit is inherently more difficult. So, I will keep it short today…STUDY!!!

Filled-in Review: U6 Review

Go LP!

It is Panther Football Friday! While the excitement is building as the Panthers are still undefeated in district play, we don’t have time to let that excitement get to us in the classroom. That means we have yet another lesson today. In this case, we finish out the new material for Unit 6 by covering the multiplication of polynomials. This can be accomplished via a number of methods, two of which are the FOIL method and the Box method. While the notes may have been long, we handled them like a champ. Now, on to the weekend before we TEST on TUESDAY!

Notes: 6-4 Multiplying Polynomials
Assignment: (A6-4) multiplying polynomials

The Powers that be…

Today was fairly easy, as we only added one more rule to those that we covered yesterday. This rule is called “Power-to-a-Power”. A jingle that you can use is when you have a power to another power, you multiply the powers. Tomorrow, we may have more of a juggernaut on our hands when we start multiplying polynomials, but even then, it won’t be too bad…stay tuned!

Notes: 6-3 Product, Quotient, and Power-to-a-Power
Assignment:  (A37)product, quotient,power to power

A Flood of Problems

How many of y’all “flipped out” when you saw we had 40 problems on the notes and 50 on the assignment? Well the good news was that we only did half of the problems on the notes. The bad news was that we had to do all 50 on the assignment. While that sounds bad, I hope you quickly realized that you only had to remember 4 rules and you could wipe the problems out in no time. So, when you are multiplying and dividing monomials, remember these four rules:

  1. When multiplying monomials with like bases – add the exponents.
  2. When dividing monomials with like bases – subtract the exponents.
  3. Anything to the zero power = 1.
  4. When you have negative exponents, move the base and exponent to the opposite side of the fraction and make the exponent positive.

In other news, please pray for those who are being affected by the floods in the Texas Hill Country. It is way worse than I realized and they could definitely use the prayers as they piece their lives back together.

Notes: 6-2 Multiply & Divide Monomials
Assignment: (6-2) multiplying and dividing monomials