Let’s Lick the Lobos!

It’s Friday and it’s the Fall Semester, which means only one thing…it’s Football Season! Well, maybe it means other things, too, but I like the sound of football season being upon us. After my Fightin’ Texas Aggies BTHO NW State with a whopping score of 59-7, let’s say I’m pumped to see the Panthers take the Lobos to the woodshed tonight!

In class today, we kicked things up a notch in the final lesson of the second unit – Compound Inequalities. These are similar to the linear inequalities except for the fact that they have two conditions that need to be met. With the “AND” condition, we need to shade between our two graphed circles, while with the “OR” condition, we need to shade outside our two graphed circles. Being that this was the last lesson of the unit, we will be reviewing Tuesday and testing Wednesday…Study Hard!

Notes: L11 Compound Inequalities
Assignment: (L11) Compound Inequalities

Inequality is Sometimes Necessary

Now before you get your feathers all ruffled, keep in mind that this is a math class. If you need to make at least $348 to pay bills every week, THAT’S AN INEQUALITY! So, yes, it is sometimes necessary to figure out at least how many hours you have to work. Another common example is to figure out at least what grade you have to make on a test to get the grade you want. Needless to say, that was the topic of choice today. But, we started simple with just “one-way” inequalities. Tomorrow, we will compound what we have learned with Compound Inequalities…see what I did there 😉

Assignment:(L10) Inequalties
Notes: L10 Inequalities

Shell Shocked

Well now that the aftermath of the first test has cleared, I hope everyone isn’t too scared of the semester ahead. I am confident that each and every student can succeed and will put forth the effort necessary on my end to make it happen, but I just need a reciprocal effort on your end.

In other news, we started the next unit off looking at graphing equations in slope-intercept form. This is the infamous y = mx + b that we are all familiar with. A few things to remember:

  • m is our slope
  • b is our y-intercept
  • Graphs of the type “x = #” is a vertical line at that number on the x-axis.
  • Graphs of the type “y = #” is a horizontal line at that number on the y-axis.
  • Last but not least, MATH = FUN!

Notes: L9 Basic Graphing
Assignment: (L9) Basic Graphing

Practice Makes Perfect!

While the saying does go “Practice makes perfect,” I’d like to change it up a little. I’d beg to say the “Perfect practice makes perfect”. What is the point of practicing something over and over, just to find out that you are doing it wrong in the end when it matters? That is why today we went over the review together as a class. So now when you are studying at home, you are studying the right way to work the problem and not the wrong way. I’ll keep it short today because I want you to be studying, not reading this…GET TO IT!!!

Filled-In Review: L7 Review

Get Pumped!

Today was “lit” in class not only because it was Friday but also because we had a song activity where you were able to create your own song involving topics that we already had covered. This was to help you get prepared for our test that we have coming up on Monday. Have a great weekend but you may also want to take some time to study!

It’s time for Club Rush!

I know I’m here to teach y’all Math, but I am also passionate about Business Professionals of America! (That means you should join!) With this being club rush week, you will probably see that, as it is time to get the ball rolling on the 2018-2019 competition year. If you are already tired of hearing about it, it’s just the beginning, so be prepared 🙂

In other (more relevant) news, we covered the last of the material for our first test today in all but 4th period. This involved solving equations with variables on both sides. It was a conglomeration of everything we have done all week, in essence. Tomorrow it will be “lit” up in here as we have a song battle for review!

Notes: L6 Equations with variables on both sides
Assignment: (L6) Equations with variables on both sides

It’s Hump Day! What, what!

We have made it over the hump, which means smooth sailing into the latter half of the week. Can you believe that we have almost made it through an actual full M-F week?!

In Math Models, we morphed what we covered Monday (Combining Like Terms & Distributing) and Tuesday (One- & Two-Step Equations) into one lesson – Solving Equations while Combining Like Terms! It still was very straight forward for the most part, except for maybe those pesky word problems. We handle those problems like champs, though!

I’ll keep this one short because I really don’t know what else to add. So, in the words of Forrest Gump “That’s all I’ve got to say about that.”

Notes: L5 Equations with like terms
Assignment: (L5) Solving Equations Collect and Distribute

Another day has flown by!

Can you believe we have already been in school for a full week now? These five days have flown by like crazy, so I can only imagine how this year is going to fly! Before we know it, we will be looking at May 22nd instead of August 22nd!

Today, in 4th period, we finished up writing expressions and combining like terms. In the other three classes, we looked at solving equations with one or two steps. We even heard a corny song to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It” to help us remember how to solve equations and what operation to do when. This will lead to the creation of our own song on Monday!

Assignment: (L4) One and Two step Equations
Notes: L4 One and two step equations

Oh Monday, Monday, Monday!

We have officially survived the first Monday of the 2018-2019 school year, although you might be thinking that last Wednesday felt just like a Monday trying to get into the groove of things.

Today we “traveled” all over the place during our lesson on Writing Expressions from Words and Simplifying Expressions. With writing some of the expressions, one thing to keep in mind is whether or not we need to reverse the order of the terms, such as when “subtracted from” or “more than” are used. This part of the lesson saw us going to work, going bowling at Lufkin Lanes, and even going shopping. Then, as if that didn’t make us tired enough, we went to Old McDonald’s Farm when we combined like terms because you have to make sure you only add terms with the same letter.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventure…

Notes: L3 Writing exp and simplifying exp
Assignment: (L3) writting expressions from words

And the First Week is gone!

We have survived the first week of school! I hope everyone is getting back into the groove of things and will rest up this weekend to have another successful week here at Lufkin High School.

In Math Models, we did the Cupid Shuffle as we converted between fractions, decimals, and percentages. If you go from a decimal to a percentage, you “Shuffle 2 Left” and if you go from a percentage to a decimal, you “Shuffle 2 Right”. It’s a little more intense when you put fractions in the mix, but nothing we couldn’t conquer with ease! Stay tuned for next weeks adventures! In the meantime, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!

Assignment: (L2) compare fractions, decimals and percents
Notes: L2 Unit 1 Comparing Fractions, Decimals and Percents