Welcome to Our Class!

I am excited about this year.

Conference time 9:50- 10;50.   Contact information mbpowell@lufkinisd.org


7:45-8:00 Greeting and word study

8:00-9:30 Math

9:30-9:45 Math reflections

9:50-10:40 Music and P.E.

10:40-11;20 Reading and Daily Five

11:20-12:00 Language Enrichment

12:03-12;33 lunch

12:35-12:50 recess

12:50-12:55 restroom and water break

1:00-1:30 reading

1:30-1:45 Oral language

1:45-1:55 Reading  aloud

1:55-2:15 Science or social studies

2:15-3:00- writing workshop

1:30-2:30 Library Wednesday


RESOURCES: brainpop, Istation, Dreambox


Homework- daily reading and weekly spelling.

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