Lufkin High School Staff

Here’s a list of Lufkin High School staff members. If you’re looking for a specific department or teacher at the high school, check our Departments page. You can use our Contact page to send a message to the high school.


Administrative Team
Name Position
Dr. Andre Emmons Principal
Julie McManus Associate Principal of Instruction/Curriculum
Harlan Neal
(936) 633-6143
Associate Principal of Discipline
12th Grade Principal
Lufkin ISD Textbook Coordinator
Erin Hubert McBryde Special Education Principal
Suzy Jungmann STEM Coordinator
Erin Currie
(936) 630-4102
English Instructional Coach
Angela Stanley
(936) 630-4181
Math Instructional Coach
David Willis
(936) 630-4118
Science Instructional Coach
Daniel Usher
936) 630-4168
Social Studies Instructional Coach
Joshua Slack
(936) 630-4173
Career and Technical Education Director
Lori Bennett
(936) 633-7838
Student Activities website
Assistant Principal for Student Activities
Kym Guzman
(936) 633-6520
Testing Coordinator
April Soderquist
(936) 630-4114
Digital Learning Specialist/Communicator
(936) 630-4485 11th Grade Principal
Lavada Hill
(936) 630-4485
10th Grade Principal
Christopher Draper
(936) 630-4214
9th Grade Principal (A-L)
Michael Hillis
(936) 630-4214
9th Grade Principal (M-Z)
Joe Martinez
(936) 630-4217
At-Risk Coordinator
Denise Davis
(936) 632-7721
Fine Arts Department Leader
Guadalupe Lila
(936) 630-4221
Languages Other Than English Department Leader


Name Position
Gaby Murphy
(936) 630-4104
Counseling Center website
Go Center website
Director of Counseling
Kelly Smith
(936) 630-4148
Mandy Alvarado
(936) 630-4106
fax (936) 634-6739
Mandy Savage
(936) 633-7271
Class of 2023 website
Counselor — Class of 2023
Autumn McDaniel
(936) 633-6139
Class of 2024 website
Counselor — Class of 2024
Calvasha Summers
(936) 630-4109
Class of 2025 website
Counselor — Class of 2025
Angela Roberts
(936) 630-4107
▶ Class of 2026 website
Counselor — Class of 2026
Katie Kassaw
(936) 630-4180
Counselor — Special Education
(936) 630-4153
Counselor — Career and Technology
Go Center website Counselor — Go Center
Brandie Knight
Dual Credit website
Success Coach
Judith Ruiz
(936) 630-4104
Administrative Assistant
Early College High School
Name Position
Dr. Ty Cauthen
(936) 630-4442
ECHS website
Amy Anderson Success Coach
Kristy Bush Success Coach
and Center for Excellence Coordinator
Monique Martinez
(936) 630-4441
Administrative Assistant
Name Position
Dr. Monique Nunn
LETS GEAR UP website
Project Director
Elizabeth Lopez
(936) 630-4051
Class of 2025 Coordinator
Zoraida Martinez
(936) 630-4050
Administrative Assistant


Name Position
Todd Quick Athletic Director/Head Football Coach
Kristen Belshaw Girls Athletic Director
Vanessa Jimenez
(936) 632-7656
➡️ Website
Head Athletic Trainer
(936) 632-7656
➡️ Website
Assistant Athletic Trainer


LHS Front Office
Geraldine Warren
(936) 632-7721


Lufkin ISD Police
Name Position
Jay Jost LISD Police Chief
David Rodriguez LHS Police Officer
Howard McDaniel LHS Police Officer


Name Position
Giela Brieden
(936) 630-4171
Lead Librarian


Name Position
Aida Willis School Nurse


Communities in School
Name Position
Dolores Perez
(936) 630-4108


Social Worker
Name Position
Mary T. Jones Social Worker


Jeana Scott
➡️ Website
District Homebound teacher