Lufkin High School Staff

Here’s a list of Lufkin High School staff members. You can use our Contact page to send a message to the high school.


Administrative Team
Name Position
Julie McManus Principal
Dana Bickley Associate Principal of Instruction/Curriculum
Harlan Neal
(936) 633-6143
Associate Principal of Discipline
12th Grade Principal
Lufkin ISD Textbook Coordinator
Amanda Venegas Special Education Principal
Dayna Kerr Testing Coordinator
Jennifer Stover STEM Coordinator
Erin Currie
(936) 630-4102
English Instructional Coach
Angela Stanley
(936) 630-4181
Math Instructional Coach
David Willis
(936) 630-4118
Science Instructional Coach
Daniel Usher
936) 630-4168
Social Studies Instructional Coach
Joshua Slack
(936) 630-4173
Career and Technical Education Director
Amy Bennett
(936) 633-7838
Student Activities website
Assistant Principal for Student Activities
(936) 633-6520 Testing Coordinator
April Soderquist
(936) 630-4114
Digital Learning Specialist/Communicator
(936) 630-4485 11th Grade Principal
Lavada Hill
(936) 630-4485
10th Grade Principal
Christopher Draper
(936) 630-4214
9th Grade Principal (A-L)
Michael Hillis
(936) 630-4214
9th Grade Principal (M-Z)
Joe Martinez
(936) 630-4217
At-Risk Coordinator
Denise Davis
(936) 632-7721
Fine Arts Department Leader
Guadalupe Lila
(936) 630-4221
Languages Other Than English Department Leader


Name Position
Gaby Murphy
(936) 630-4104
Counseling Center website
Director of Counseling
Sonya Fuentes
(936) 630-4148
Mandy Alvarado
(936) 630-4106
fax (936) 634-6739
Prisila Bermudez
(936) 633-7592
Go Center website
Go Center Advisor
Autumn McDaniel
(936) 633-6139
Class of 2024 website
Counselor — Class of 2024
Kourtney Ponson
(936) 630-4107
Counselor — Class of 2025
Sherrie Chesser
(936) 630-4109
Counselor — Class of 2026
Mandy Savage
(936) 633-7271
Counselor — Class of 2027
Katie Kassaw
(936) 630-4180
Counselor — Special Education
Brandie Knight
Dual Credit website
Success Coach
Judith Ruiz
(936) 630-4104
Administrative Assistant
Early College High School
Name Position
Dr. Ty Cauthen
(936) 630-4442
ECHS website
Elizabeth Lopez Success Coach
Brittany Sanchez Success Coach
Monique Martinez
(936) 630-4441
Administrative Assistant
Name Position
Dr. Monique Nunn
LETS GEAR UP website
Project Director
Zoraida Martinez
(936) 630-4050
Administrative Assistant


Name Position
Todd Quick Athletic Director/Head Football Coach
Kristen Belshaw Girls Athletic Director
Vanessa Jimenez
(936) 632-7656
➡️ Website
Head Athletic Trainer
(936) 632-7656
➡️ Website
Assistant Athletic Trainer


LHS Front Office
Geraldine Warren
(936) 632-7721


Lufkin ISD Police
Name Position
David Garza LISD Police Chief
David Rodriguez LHS Police Officer


Name Position
Giela Brieden
(936) 630-4171
Lead Librarian


Name Position
Aida Willis School Nurse


Communities in School
Name Position
Dolores Perez
(936) 630-4108


Jeana Scott
➡️ Website
District Homebound teacher


Staff E-mail Addresses
Name E-mail address
Shannon Abney
Chakeithia Acevedo
Samantha Acker
Andy Adams
Catherine Adams
Julia Aguilar
Ashton Allen
Graham Bates
Caleb Beames
Brandon Beavers
Kristen Belshaw
Amy Bennett
Charles Bennett
Dana Bickley
Kay Bowers
Monique Brooks
Christy Bruton
Ashley Bryant
Eliazar Caldera
Michael Calhoun
William Camp
Kayla Campbell
Danielle Caples
Haley Carlile
James Carver
Ty Cauthen
Aubrianne Clark
John Cobb
Tracy Cole
Charles Colson
Asucena Concha
Caron Cook
Jeff Cook
Emily Courtney
Joneshia Cranford
Brian Crews
Antonio Cuevas
Lorelei Cummings
Erin Currie
Bryan Davis
Denise Davis
Carina De La Cruz
Ashley Dominguez
Christopher Draper
Anthony Duke
James Durham
Kolton Eberlan
Daniel Eubanks
Kevin Farr
Robert Foley
Miranda Fontenot
Elizabeth Foreman
Christy Fox
Jennifer Free
Lee Friesen
Orlanda Garcia
Travis Garcia
Randa Gilbert
Jared Glatz
Holly Gonzales
Jeffrey Gonzales
John Gorham
Manvel Green
Wendelyn Green
Jessica Guadarrama
David Guzman
Dustin Haltom
Mabel Havard
Debra Hemphill
Nathaniel Hicks
Lavada Hill
Michael Hillis
Janice Holcomb
Julia Holcomb
Teresa Hollis
Taishia Holt
Thomas Hungerford
James Hutchinson
Amy Jones
Kassie Jones
Bethany Juarez
Trevor Kiminski
Georgia Krygsman
Anna Lamb
Debra Lamb
Sadale Lamb
Ryan Lavin
Emily Lawrence
Elmo Lawson
Stephanie Lawson
Teresa Lee
Jolene Leedy
Sandra Lewis
Guadalupe Lila
George Little
Karen Little
Jonathan Lowery
Kellye Marshall
Kevin Marshall
Rodger Martin
Jessica Massey
Jennifer Massie
Michelle McAdams
Vicki McNeil
David McPherson
Dani McQueen
Ethan McRoberts
James McManus
Karina Medina
Dayanira Mendoza
Shelley Merrel
Rebekah Meyer
Sterling Meyers
Tracie Miller
Daphne Minter
Davina Mitchell
Luis Montoya
Maria Morales
Alejandro Moreno
Tracy Morris
Donna Muldowney
Charles Murphy
Michelle Murrell
Donnya Myers
Nathan Navarro
Donald Nevins
Tanner Oneal
Anedra Perkins
Elizabeth Perkins
Dillon Perry
Skylar Pool
Jennifer Powell
Gunnar Quick
William Quick
Jacqueline Ray
Tahare Ray
Sandra Reyes
Shaquille Roberson
Vanessa Roberson
Maria Sanchez
Alejandro Sandoval Ramirez
Amanda Saylor
Kimberly Schmidt
Ryan Schuldt
Jeana Scott
Robyn Segrest
Lenette Shadow
Johnnie Shepherd
Sherry Simmons
Winfred Simmons
Mallory Sims
Joshua Slack
Ryan Soderquist
Alfonso Solis Martinez
Shanique Spearman-Brooks
Brooke Stafford
Angela Stanley
Gregory Stark
Jennifer Steinheil
Sonja Stephens
Laura Stevens
Jeremy Stewart
Nicole Stewart
Sterling Stewart
Charlotte Stover
Bridget Streeb
Sabrina Sutherland
Christine Tarbutton
Joel Tovar
Jessica Tullos
Sarah Turner
Nathan Urban
Daniel Usher
Christopher Van Horn
Curtis Vanegas
Karen Vanschoubroek
Yaneli Vargas
Amanda Venegas
Stacey Vincze
Johnna Walker
Kacey Walker
Vincent Whitaker
Molly White
Jacob Williams
Makenzie Williams
Karen Williamson
David Willis
Jordan Wisener
Shelley Wisener