Online Learning

Lufkin Learns at Home    You will find this link at the bottom of the website.  Click on “3-5 Resources” then click on “Fifth Grade” for lessons  for the week.

Open eBooks     This is an app that you can download to have access to a library of thousands of popular and award winning ebooks for free.  Message me for your access code and pin so that you can get started!

Renaissance Learning (AR & AM)      You may take AR tests online from 7am-7pm daily.  All AM assignments are online as well.   Be sure to use the link for RenLearn on the Lufkin Learns at Home website.  If there is an error message, click on “Return to Welcome” and type in your username/password.      This is an interactive learning website that we previewed before Spring Break.  Message me for the class code to get started.  There are both math and science lessons assigned.  Click on “Assignments” at the bottom of the page that comes up when you log in.

BrainPop!      Go to  Enter the class code at the top of the page (message me for the code).  Click on “Sign up now!” underneath “New to BrainPop?”   Create an account using your same username/password that you use when you log into windows at school.  On the page that comes up once you are logged in, click on “Dashboard” at the top and you will see assignments.  If you don’t see any assignments listed message me, I might need to add you to the group manually.