Accounting I & II

The Language of Business



GENERAL COURSE OUTLINE:  Accounting is an essential course for anyone planning a college major in business or an immediate career in the business world.  This course is especially appropriate for small business (single ownership or partnership) operations.  Emphasis is placed on why financial records are kept, how they are kept, and how to use them as guidelines for decision making.

Credit:  1 Unit

Textbook:  Century 21 South-Western Accounting 9E Multicolumn Journal, Gilbertson & Lehman, and Gentene.  Southwestern-Western Publishing.  This text has an on-line workbook and practice sets.

Topics:  Accounting careers, ethics, accounting procedures for proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations, taxes, financial  statements, general journals and special journals, adjusting and closing entries, preparation and maintenance of cash and banking records, and payroll.

Grading components:              Daily Assignments 40%,  Tests 60%

Make-up Work:  Any work missed due to an excused absence may be made up (including extra-curricular absences.  All make-up work must be completed within the 3-week grading period or before the chapter test.   You must make arrangements with me to take tests after school. All teachers at LHS will enter a zero in the grade book until the missing assignment is made up.

Grading Periods:  Progress report grades are issued once each 3 weeks. Report cards are issued at the end of each 9 weeks.  Additional posting of grades will be done during the semester using Skyward.

School Policy regarding cell phones in the classroom–cell phones and earbuds must be kept in the students’ backpacks or handbags upon entering the classroom.  Cell phones must be out of sight-out of mind- while students are in the classroom.


Planning Period:  1st Period.  Phone:  936-630-4111




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