Health Tips for Your Student

We are all aware of the value of sleep with a regular healthy diet. It contributes to the success and wellbeing of our students.  Attending school is a rigorous activity that requires an alert and focused student. Many factors may influence a student’s ability to succeed in school. Some of the most important factors are healthy eating habits, the quality of sleep a student receives during the week, annual checks-ups, and receiving immunizations on time. Primary and Elementary age students need eight to nine hours of sleep each night.

The lack of adequate meals affects the alertness of the student. In consideration of the early-morning start of the school day, it is important for students to have a balanced meal plan. Eating fruits and vegetables along with several glasses of water and milk thru out the day.

It is also important to schedule an annual appointment with your student’s doctor. During the annual exam, your student may receive required immunizations for school attendance. These immunizations help protect your student from disease.

We look forward to meeting you and your student. This will be a great year at Hackney Primary School.

Jan Fulbright, RN
Director of Health Services
School Nurse for Hackney Primary
(936) 633-7264