Perfect Attendance Rewards

The Dunbar Tiger Staff along with your Dunbar Tiger Family, working together as a team, can provide the high standard of education your child deserves. We have developed several ways to encourage and reward your child and you for doing your part in helping us provide that great education … Perfect Attendance!

Studies have shown that attendance is a huge part of quality education.

Perfect Attendance means: 0 Absences and no more than 2 tardies and/or early releases (any combination)

Our school day begins at 7:45 a.m. and ends at 3:05 p.m.

When your child is tardy or leaves early, even if it is only 5-10 minutes, their education is interrupted.

Perfect Attendance Celebration — 9 weeks
  • Perfect Attendance Ribbon
  • Eat lunch at the “Top Tiger Table”
  • Five drawings for Perfect Attendance T-shirts
  • Class with most perfect attendance will eat lunch at the “Star Table” on the stage!


Perfect Attendance Celebration — Semester
  • Perfect Attendance Medal
  • Four drawings for Lunch with Teacher of your choice
  • 20 drawings for Computer Lab Party
  • Two Parent Drawings for Perfect Attendance Prizes


Perfect Attendance Celebration — Year
  • Perfect Attendance Trophy
  • Drawings for Grand Prizes
  • One Parent Drawing for Perfect Attendance
  • Grand Prize at the end of each nine weeks


Perfect Attendance winners will be announced during the morning announcements. At the end of the Semester and Year, we will have a Pep Rally type assembly to announce the Perfect Attendance Winners. We look forward to working together to provide your child with a great education (and some fun prizes along the way!).