Important Information for Parents



Our school day is 7:45-3:05, with staff on hand to supervise early arrivals and bus students beginning at 7:15. All car riders should be dropped off in the circle drive from 7:15-7:45. After 7:30, you may park in the large lot and walk in to the cafeteria. Students are dismissed from the cafeteria to the classrooms at 7:40 and escorted by staff to their hallway. Please do not drop off students in the bus lane or send them to the building from the parking lot under any circumstances! It is very unsafe for students and staff alike. Students should arrive by 7:20 to assure a smooth start and adequate time for breakfast, which is free for all. Students arriving after 7:45 are considered tardy and parents must walk them in to the front office and sign them in. This is for student safety. First day only: You may walk to rooms as early as 7:15!



Unless it is an emergency, students are not dismissed early. All car riders are picked up in the circle drive. A car tag is required. If one is not displayed, the driver will be asked to drive around and enter the office for pickup and to obtain a tag. If you prefer to avoid the line, you may park in the large lot and enter the cafeteria with your pick up tag. Students for ‘Parent Pick Up” will be escorted to the cafeteria with the bus riders and will be checked out to their parent by a staff member. Remember, you must always have the tag!



Daily attendance is important for all students. It is difficult to make up missed work as much is done through work stations, group activities and hands-on lessons. If your child is sick, please call the school the morning of the absence and send a note when they return to school. After five days, parent notes are no longer allowed to excuse an absence. A doctor’s note is needed. If your child has a doctor or dentist appointment but is not sick, please allow them to come to school for at least part of the day. Even if they will not be present at the 10 a.m. attendance time, it will not be an absence if they are present for part of the day AND you provide a note from the medical office that they were seen on that day. Tardies and early releases do count on Perfect Attendance. We have several attendance incentives in place, which you will receive more details on once school has started. We hope your child will love school so much they want to be here every day! Our staff works hard to create a positive atmosphere.



Our cafeteria serves a hot nutritious breakfast each day to all students at no cost! We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity for your student. Just be sure to arrive early enough to have time to eat and still get to class on time. Lunches each day include multiple fresh fruit and vegetable choices. A monthly menu is available online through our Nutrition Services link from the LISD webpage and is also sent home in a printed format. Students have options of main meal items as well as sides and milk each day. We try to follow the menu as printed, but on occasion supplies do not arrive in time or we run out of a popular choice and so substitutions may have to be made. Lunches for primary students are $2.25 per day, and the easiest way to pay is sending payment weekly or monthly to school. There is also on online payment option through our website. Students are not allowed to charge more than three meals, so please be sure to send money or pay online! Applications for Free and Reduced lunch can also be completed online through the district website. We also offer a paper copy if that is more convenient. Even if your child was on free or reduced last year, a new application must be submitted each year. Students may bring their lunch to school or parents may bring in a lunch for their own students (but not other friends). Outside breakfast is not allowed as students may eat that meal at home before arriving if they will not be participating in the breakfast program. For any questions related to cafeteria menus or charges please contact our Cafeteria Director, Ms. Jenkins at 630-4508.