August 1

Conference Time 

I am available for conferences daily between 8:55-9:45. Please contact me before so that I can be prepared to meet and talk about any concerns or comments you would like to discuss.

Contact Info


Phone: (936) 630-4500

Address: 1807 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Class Schedule

7:45-8:00 Target the Question/Calendar

8:00-8:30 Writer’s Workshop

8:30-8:40 Writer’s Share

8:40-8:55 Restroom/Line Up for PE/Music

8:55-9:45 PE/Music

9:45-10:00 Restroom

10:00-11:15 Math

11:15-11:25 Clean up/Line Up for Lunch

11:25-12:00 Lunch

12:00-12:05 Lunchboxes/jackets back to room

12:05-12:25 Recess/Restroom

12:25-1:35 Daily 5

1:35-1:45 Snack

1:45-2:15 Science/Social Studies

2:15-2:45 Developmental Centers

2:45-3:00 Clean up

3:00-3:05 Reflection of Day

**Weekly library on Monday at 7:50-8:50**


  • For reading and vocabulary we like to use Starfall.
  • For math we use Dreambox. Each student has their own login that will keep up with their progress and give them activities that are at their level.
  • PBS Kids has great material in different subject areas. We like to use this during our computer time and computer center time.


Spelling Words