The Annual Brandon Boston Market was a success, even though it was different. This year, due to COVID, Our 5th Grade GT classes were able to stay safe, and socially distanced during their Colonial presentations. Each of the students took on a colonial profession, and researched it enough to share information with family members and a few of our Brandon Bear students. They worked real hard and it shows. Their costumes and props were very detailed, making the immersive experience interactive.

Friends and families of the students were invited to do a drive thru tour of the Boston Market through the parking lot. The students then, moved their projects to the running track, where a few students at a time were invited to observe the hard work put in. The Colonial re-enactors were able to give interesting facts about their Colonial professions. Through the Boston Market, our 5th graders learned a lot, but sharing their information taught other students as well, therefore confirming this activity a success! Great Job, Brandon Bears!