As students walked into Brandon Elementary on September 19th, 2019, they were in for a huge surprise!  Aanvi M’s reaction was “What is going on?,” and Kylee S. said she felt like she was in a movie.  What they did not know was that the night before, after all students left, EVERY teacher decorated their rooms and the hallways in a sports theme to create an amazing day for students.

On the morning of “Rock Your School,” students were greeted by Lufkin High School athletes. Students walked into the cafeteria, where rock music was playing, and disco lights were dancing on the ceiling. Mr. Keith greeted the students in a pep rally style with, “Are you ready to RUMMMMMBLLLLLLLLEEEEE?”

The students and staff were pumped for the day! Once the 3rd graders were dismissed to the gym, they were divided to go with different teachers in a “draft.” 4th grade GT classes did an NFL themed place value review, and had to figure out concession stand pricing. Mrs. Martin’s 5th grade reviewed elements of drama and poetry. Then they performed a play, based on the poem, “Casey at the Bat” by Ernest Thayer. The whole campus was “rockin!”

When asked what was learned on that day, one student said, “I don’t want to miss school, because you never know what will happen at Brandon. Today was the best day, ever!”