Yamileth Gonzalez, 5th grader at Anderson Elementary, started a campaign on her campus to help furry friends of the Winnie Berry Humane Society. It all began when she thought of how she could help other animals like her Cocoa, a stray dog that the family took in last year.

Yamileth, 5th grader at Anderson Elementary, started a campaign to get the campus involved in donating items for the animals at the Winnie Berry Humane Society.

Yamileth said, “I wanted to help the dogs and cats in the shelter, so I mentioned collecting items for animals to my coach, Coach Goff. She asked our principal, Mrs. Tierney.”

Now the entire campus is pitching in. After Yamileth did a presentation to all of the students during Eagle Hour, each class is participating. The classes have a dog breed name like Weaver’s Weimaraner’s, Thornton’s Terriers and Garner’s Golden Retrievers, and items are stacked outside of their doors in the hallway. Yamileth said it looks like Burkett’s Bulldogs have the most items collected right now. She said the class with the most at the end of October will receive a surprise.

Yamileth said, “We have collected a lot of dog and cat food, toys, treats and biscuits. I’m really proud. Anderson is a happy place to be.”